The JCVA  is an international Artists-in-Residence program that hosts distinguished and promising young artists in a setting that is as intellectually stimulating as it is magnificent. Since its inauguration in 1987, it has welcomed such artists as Sophie Calle, Daniel Buren, Haim Steinbach, Guenther Uecker, Wodiczko, Nedko Solakov, Monika Sosnowska, Wilhelm Sasnal and others for an uninterrupted spate of creative work. The residence provides an opportunity for productive interaction with the local art community, museums and audiences, and offers a potentially profound dialogue between local and global concerns.   

If Baudelaire’s “simultaneous awareness of different worlds” is the quintessentially post-modern condition, Jerusalem is a most post-modern three-thousand year old city. Tel Aviv, on the other hand, declared by UNESCO a world heritage site for its wealth of international style architecture, is a lively contemporary metropolis bordering the Mediterannean. 
A stay in these cities is an invitation to explore a Middle Eastern reality that is often viewed only through myriad screens and interpretations; an invitation to experience the reality from within one of the world’s most gazed at regions.    
The Jerusalem Center for the Visual Arts (JCVA) promotes cross-cultural dialogue between visiting artists and curators and their local counterparts. The center will provide interested residents with recommendations and connections to personally-tailored opportunities for productive interaction with artists, curators and art academies, as well as links to museums and audiences. 

The residents are invited to both work and explore during their stay at the JCVA, and to inspire and be inspired by the cities and their art communities. The fresh perspectives and transcultural understandings made possible by such exchanges are central to the JCVA's approach.
The Jerusalem Center fo the Visual Arts (JCVA) was created in 1987 by Francis K. Lloyd through the Jerusalem Foundation.
Art director: Nirith Nelson
Texts (2011-2015): Liya Kohavi
Texts (2006-2011): Inbal Wasserman
Site design: Koby Levy