Born in the former USSR in the Moldova, Rabinovich studied photography in Jerusalem and at the Rijksakademie, and has shown his work widely in Europe and in Israel.  Rabinovich’s photographs are almost entirely dedicated to the public sphere, and are presented in a seemingly documentary style that accentuates both their message and their artistry.
Parking Places Berlin, 2001

Shown at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
Herzliya, Israel. 2003

Rabinovich offers us Berlin parking lots – clean, shiny, near empty, architectural -- where cars, should we see them at all, are as immobile as the walls that house them.
Like earlier series of his, showing public housing and museums, hospitals and frozen food, this series presents the seemingly impersonal, objective “face” of a public space that rarely receive our full visual attention. But in these photographs, where human beings are almost universally missing, a stark, sculptural quality emerges, challenging us to rethink what these urban, familiar, institutional spaces really are, and how they shape our lives. The photographs were first shown at the ESSL Museum in Vienna, Austria, in 2002.