A young and promising multi-disciplinary installation artist, Keinan creates complex and unexpected encounters of both content and media. In one of her pieces, a black stain projected on gravel spread on the gallery floor suddenly sprouts butterflies. Other transformations ensue. One of her videos features a man digging in the ground and pulling out a string of lights projected on a huge rural landscape drawing. Keinan has already shown her work in both Europe and New York, and is slated for an upcoming one-woman show at the Tel Aviv Museum. She recently held a solo exhibition at the prestigious Basel Art Fair, where her installation included the two works mentioned above. Her drawings are said to function like journeys, carrying the artist into new territories which she discovers as she draws them.
Artist's Book

Basel Art Fair
June 2006

Keinan's Basel show was accompanied by the artist's book, which includes forty of her sketches from 2004 to 2006.  The artist generally takes her sketchbook with her wherever she goes, and sketches in it daily. She sees the drawings as a way to process and digest her ongoing visual experiences, and as potential material for further transformations in the studio.

The boy. Detail from Artist's Book, 2006