An interdisciplinary performance and voice artist who combines spoken and sung poetry with video and photography, Sprinzak lives in Tel Aviv and has been performing in Israel and in Europe for some ten years to great critical acclaim.  Sprinzak has a masters degree in computer studies, hence a range of technological skills he can apply to his work. But it is his riveting virtuoso use of voice and body that have been central to the particular form of sound poetry he has been developing. 
 Lion, Mouse, and Maggie and Milly and Molly and May

Performed at ROMA POESIA
Rome, Italy. 2003

Sprinzak performed Lion (text by Antonin Artaud and Josef Sprinzak); Mouse (poem by e.e. cummings); and Maggie and Milly and Molly and May (poem by e.e. cummings).

Tupu Tlaka Tlapa

Sound Piece, 1996.

This poetry, which is made of sound, not sense, can be traced to Dadaist sound and poetry experiments. Like those performances, Sprinzak’s syllables create a feeling of narrative generated through the patterns of sound, rather than through conventional language.  The result is a kind of music played by the instrument of language. It forces us to rethink how sense and language are made, and reinforces our attention to sound, which is our capacity to listen.