Yanay-Shani is a Tel-Aviv based photographer, whose work has been shown both in Europe and in the U.S.  He studied at the Camera Obscura Art School in Tel Aviv.
Environment – A Decisive Moment

Shown at the Contemporary Art Center
Vilna, Lithuania. 2003

The work is a film composed of thirteen still photographs of various building sites in Tel Aviv.  The stills are shown in a continuous loop, with each static image of a public, urban construction site appearing for thirty seconds at a time.  There is no happening whatsoever in the photographs – neither motion nor people are visible – but the environment is undergoing a radical change. The extreme stillness the photographs convey is the stillness of change, captured at the decisive moment.  The viewer is in fact looking at an environment that no longer exists. The tension between the frozen photograph and the moving film imitates the tension between the motionlessness of the environment and its active transformation.