Etty Abergel lives and works in Jerusalem. She studied at the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem in the early 1980’s, where her work included both painting and installations. Later, she drew away from the plastic arts and focused on writing.  Since the 1990’s, she has been making laboriously layered mixed-media, site-specific installations that hint of, but never fully share, their strong autobiographical content.
Imagined Spaces

Shown in Clandestine, The Venice Biennale
Venice, Italy. 2003

Etty Abergel’s hallucinatory, evocative interiors are composed almost entirely of what appear to be the residues of everyday living. Using fabric, string, masking tape, cardboard, cement and plaster to wrap simple furniture-like structures and a few chosen objects, she creates almost monochrome, complex and multi-layered environments that hide no less than reveal the deeply personal associations they trace.  The wrapped objects hint at elements of the artist’s childhood and her Moroccan immigrant family life. The viewer is invited to decode the concretized and painted-over associations, which may look arbitrary and irrational, but speak of a strong and purposeful inner logic nonetheless.